Towing Requirements

Note: The guidelines in this section relate to Queensland regulations. The object of the relevant Queensland regulations is to provide road rules that are substantially uniform with road rules elsewhere in Australia. However, if travelling outside Queensland, check the relevant state or territory legislation.

Towing will affect your vehicle

Towing is very different from everyday driving - it requires additional driving skills and safety precautions. As a driver, you have a legal responsibility to other road users when towing a trailer, caravan or another vehicle, to drive to suit the conditions.

The first step to safe towing is to ensure the vehicle, trailer and load are suited. While modern vehicles are lighter and provide better service for normal motoring, some do not have the necessary characteristics for towing. Vehicle manufacturers usually indicate in the owner's manuals the maximum weight, or other trailer features, appropriate for the vehicle. These limits should not be exceeded. Similarly, some trailers are designed to carry certain types of loads and cannot be towed safely when carrying other materials.

Remember :

Legal Requirements


Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) is the total mass of the laden trailer when carrying the maximum load recommended by the manufacturer. This includes any mass imposed onto the drawing vehicle when the combination vehicle is resting on a horizontal supporting plane.

Light trailers with an ATM over 750kg and up to and including 3500kg require a current safety certificate and trailers over 3500kg a certificate of inspection when:

Ensure the vehicle is suitable for towing

If required, towing options such as special suspension or transmission components or load-distributing devices, that may be fitted to the vehicle by either the manufacturer, dealer or a firm specialising in towing equipment.

Ensure the vehicle is properly equipped for the type and size of trailer:

Ensure that the lower of the following is not exceeded

The maximum towing capacity of the motor vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer or the capacity of the towing apparatus fitted to the vehicle.

For more information please refer to related State Standards

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